Are your Kubernetes Clusters Right-sized?

Right-sizing Kubernetes clusters, and overall environments, have become a very pressing topic for organizations across the globe. During the pandemic, many organizations put their foot on the gas regarding digital transformation. Much of this included refactoring their applications to more cloud-native technologies, with Kubernetes adoption skyrocketing during this period.

Now with market conditions looking a bit scary, many companies are asking their IT team to pump the breaks a bit, mainly due to the rapid growth of their cloud bills. In fact, a recent study by Wancloud found that 81% of IT leaders say their C-suite has directed them to reduce or take on no additional cloud spending.

This is a pivotal moment. The cost of the cloud is starting to outweigh the need for development teams to work with speed and velocity. Now companies are faced with a challenging decision, ‘should they focus on getting their cloud costs in check knowing it could risk their development teams’ ability to release innovations at a rapid pace?’

My answer to them is you can do both! My team at PerfectScale recently released an article called 8 Tips to Right-size your Kubernetes Clusters. Here are a couple of points you need to know.

What is right-sizing all about?

First, it is important to note that right-sizing is not always about reducing costs. Right-sizing is just as equally important to the other side of the coin, which is building resilient systems. You don’t want to be over-provisioned or under-provisioned. The below chart helps break down why:


Long story short, when you over-provision your cloud budget suffers, and when you under-provision your customers suffer. Both need to be addressed to ensure you are optimizing for business results and operational expenses.

The path to Right-sizing clusters

In the article, our team highlighted some steps you should take to ensure your Kubernetes clusters are always right-sized. However, depending on the scale of your environment, this may be too daunting of a task to manually do for every workload. (start shameless self-promotion) Luckily, my company has developed a solution that helps you scale this process across even the most distributed of environments. PerfectScale gives you actionable intelligence that makes it easy to right-size your complete Kubernetes environment and ensure your application has peak performance at the lowest possible cost. (end shameless self-promotion) Now let’s take a look at the steps:

8 steps for right-sizing

To find out more tips and tricks on right-sizing your Kubernetes cluster, please check out the complete article here.

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