Describing Poor Audio Quality

Young:  We have a major problem. The audio on the new presentation is really awful.

Silvia:  Really? Let me listen to it. Oh, the volume fluctuates and keeps cutting out. We even have long periods of dead air!

Young:  That’s only one of the many problems. Keep listening and you’ll hear lots of static in the background. Sometimes it’s so loud that it drowns out all other sounds.

Silvia:  Oh no, the voices are distorted, too. Some speakers sound garbled and others sound muffled.

Young:  And when you can make out what the speakers are saying, their voices are tinny.

Silvia:  What are we going to do?

Young:  I guess we can try to remaster it and see if we can make any improvements.

Silvia:  What if we can’t?

Young:  Worse comes to worst? We’ll use captions!

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