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The call went good and Manhattan liked our presentation and had all their questions answered. I believe the key person Sumit from India will be reaching out to us for questions if any. We can do some follow up with Sumit and Ryan next week to keep the conversation open.

btw, let me clarify. Roger explicitly asked me to have at least 2 candidates for the project lead, so I’m adding another candidate from my team to join. But I told Christophe it’d be better to let us build our own team and I hope he will agree and mention that on the meeting. hopefully the second one so it’d be easy for us.

To many scopes on the air now- at least we need to contract getting signed now one by one- before adding any new scopes

It is not practical to do the job manually.  The better option would be uploading your information through an Excel spreadsheet that a company uses to keep track of all the configuration items. Here, the information that is only updated in the spreadsheet seems to be up-to-date in CMDB. 

There is another option that is considered the best option for modern enterprises. It is a discovery tool. Using this tool can effectively bring out information from the infrastructure in a very short time. 

The proposal is still being worked on. We are in good shape to have it ready before our meeting with Roger on Thursday.

The power was suddenly cut off in Tien Yen Commune at 10 a.m. When the temperature hit 40 degrees Celsius. the power was out in their neighborhoods as well. 46 locations suffered power cuts in 15 districts for between 1-8 hours. At 8 p.m. on June 1, the electricity was restored to Tien Yen Commune. If you have a power cut, you should first check whether the problem is general or individual. 

Demand for electricity in HCMC has also been skyrocketing

This is what inside FSG Service Offer, I’ve seen Thought Machine many many times, just want to know if the partnership was way back then or just initiated now

IceWarp is a IT company based in Prague, Czech Republic but we have presence and few other countries around the globe.

The intention of the tmr meeting was originally to prepare for Friday meeting with Peter Lee.

The heat wave is expected to lessen gradually and end on Monday.

Sugar cane juice is a favorite beverage during hot weather. Dung in Thanh Xuan District said his store has been working at full capacity this week due to high demand.

we will to work it out: chúng ta phải giải quyết việc này

It is definitely worth a try from a stress standpoint to try to manage your time and to get outside, you know? i think for anybody thats going to help, he said. if you can get aside from work and just get outside, take a walk. you son’t have to walk, you don’t have to fish. just may be take a walk.


The GMT has broader applications compared to the CET.

The CET is applicable to 31 countries while the GMT is applicable to all countries in the world. It is actively used in the United Kingdom


Agile software development is more focused on software development to increase the velocity of project delivery. Thus, combining the two, making it Agile DevOps,  will help overcome the challenges and shortcomings of each other with benefits like faster delivery, and higher customer satisfaction resulting in higher revenue and profit growth.

Although there are no specific statistics, it is “very common” for students to take extra classes to prep for exams.

to qualify the mortage, you have to be able to make a down payment of ten percent. You also have to show that you have been at current job at least one year.

ease the tention: giảm căng thẳng

The situation is much more severe in the inner-city area, where almost 45,000 students have registered for the exam while public schools there will admit just 21,980

Teachers have pointed out three main causes of the over-studying problem.

Reach out to our experts to discuss your requirements for quality Agile DevOps solutions.

More than 32% said they are jobless because their employer closed down temporarily or for good or went bankrupt, and 27% said they were laid off because their company had no orders and had to downsize.

Many people find it difficult to get jobs as businesses downsize or simply do not have recruitment plans, a survey has found.

But the main reason is the unfavorable economic situation, which has hit businesses hard.

We’ve got cheese and crackers, and if you need something else

the key to my success has been identifying talented individual and harnessing their effort

your company is involved primary in telecommunication sectors, yet you also invest in numberous agriculture projects including africa. is that something you feel passionate about?

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