Microsoft Vietnam and FPT partner in cloud computing technologies

In the Annual General Meeting 2022, FPT Corporation (FPT) has announced its goal to be among the Top 50 global end-to-end digital transformation service providers by 2030 and plans to continue working toward the long-term goal of becoming a standard-bearing digital enterprise. 

The firm’s global revenue in 2021 reached 1.6 billion USD, which grew nearly 20% year on. Foreign markets also recorded positive growth, including the Americas (+52%) and APAC (+27%).

In 2023, the Business units will have some changes as follows. FPT Korea (FKR) became OB Tier 1 after a year of being restructured and led by FKR CEO Ha Minh Tuan. In 2022, this OB achieved revenue of 35 million USD, growing by 76%, contributing 4,375% to total revenue of FSOFT. Let’s say FKR is one of the most fastest growing OB in recent years.

Saudi Arabia will be the fastest growing of the world’s largest economies in 2022, outpacing China, India, Indonesia, South Korea and Taiwan

As Vietnam’s technology pioneer, FPT plans to invest heavily in core technologies such as AI, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, and Hyper Automation. The Made-by-FPT ecosystem is also targeted as FPT’s key growth driver in the long term, with a revenue growth rate of 42.8% in 2021.

FPT sets its message for 2022 to be: “Determined to fight” and plans to innovate in business and sales activities, expand its customer base in all sizes and fields globally. Promoting a long-term sustainable growth strategy, the firm targets a 19% growth in revenue and 20.2% in profit before tax for the following year.

VietNamNet Bridge – Microsoft Vietnam and its local FPT are to deliver cloud computing technologies to local enterprises and individuals in Vietnam by the end of this year.

Microsoft Vietnam on March 2, announced on its Journey to the Cloud Summit in Hanoi that the company is cooperating with local FPT partner to provide cloud computing services this year-end in Vietnam.

“Vietnam government has identified ICT as a key driver of its economy, and we believe the cloud can accelerate this. We look forward to enabling Vietnam’s businesses, government and consumers to adopt the cloud in line with their business needs,” said Andrew Pickup, chief marketing officer, Microsoft Asia Pacific.

“Some Vietnamese businesses will want on-premise solutions, others to be completely in the cloud whilst others would prefer a combination of the two,” Pickup added.

Under the partnership agreement signed between the two sides in May last year on developing cloud computing services in Vietnam, FPT and Microsoft will deepen this collaboration.

The FPT datacentre will offer a cost effective solution for independent software vendor to host their vertical applications. Especially, with the recent launch of Windows Phone 7 and more generally the increased penetration of smartphones in Vietnam, there are a lot of opportunities for innovative developers in Vietnam to develop mobile applications.

“We see many benefits in our collaboration with Microsoft to build a datacentre using Microsoft Cloud Computing Technologies. Both sides share a vision of the future of computing where by 2015 Cloud Computing Services will be largely available and used in Vietnam,” said Duong Dung Trieu, managing director of FPT’s arm FIS Company.

Vietnamese government has identified a target to have a strong advanced IT industry by 2020. The industry is expected to account for 20 per cent of its gross domestic products by that time. Cloud computing topics and issues are now the centre of attention of many local enterprises as they seek to improve productivity.

Source: VIR

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