What is middleware? How we understand about them?

What is middleware?

Middleware is software which lies between an operating system and the applications running on it. Essentially functioning as hidden translation layer, middleware enables communication and data management for distributed applications.

It is sometimes called plumbing, as it connects two applications together so data and databases can be easily passed between the “pipe.” Using middleware allows users to perform such requests as submitting forms on a web browser or allowing the web server to return dynamic web pages based on a user’s profile.

Middleware examples

Middleware includes web servers, application servers, content management systems, and similar tools that support application development and delivery.

Examples of database-oriented middleware include ODBC, JDBC and transaction processing monitors.


Is an API middleware?

These two words are quite different in meaning. API refers to callable services, while middleware refers to the product that does the integration work in the integration ecosystem. Middleware is logical Software System that provides capabilities to other software applications, databases etc to be integrated.


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